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Giostre, delicious shortbread biscuits made with eggs, will spin around the table every morning, perfect enjoyed by themselves or served with fresh milk.

Every morning deserves a boost with Virgole biscuits with chocolate drops, delicious shortbread biscuits with a dark chocolate twist to satisfy more demanding palates.

Molette are light as a cloud and offer a traditional way to start the day with the delicious taste of cream. They are perfect for dunking in milk and are made using traditional ingredients.

Trottole, named after spinning tops, are made with wholesome rice flour and are ready to race and spin around the table every morning. They are flavoursome and have a rough and crunchy texture, just like homemade biscuits.

Balletti are fragrant shortbread biscuits dancing in an embrace of cocoa and cream.These light and delicious shortbread biscuits are fantastic eaten as they are or dunked in your morning milk.


Granoro enters the breakfast and snack market by adding a new range of biscuits to its well-known “Cestino delle Delizie” range. Granoro has made good use of its renowned tradition and reliability to create a new product, resulting in a range of biscuits to suit all tastes and needs. The pastel coloured packaging gives a feeling of peace and energy, just what you need in the morning to start the day with a full reserve of energy.