Cestino delle Delizie

Granoro has chosen to play a fundamental role in the first and possibly most important meal of the day with the Cestino delle Delizie range of biscuits.

Breakfast is a fundamental part of our diet, essential for providing the energy and vigour needed throughout the day, which is why even those wishing to lose a little weight should never skip it! Distributing the intake of food correctly throughout the day helps to reduce the risk of becoming overweight or obese.

The best way to wake up is to eat something delicious that will give you a sense of pleasure, sweetness and optimism. 

Granoro has extended its product range with the Cestino delle Delizie range, offering the market good quality biscuits at the right price, in line with the company’s long-standing philosophy.  Granoro uses traditional recipes enhanced with high quality ingredients. The result is a biscuit with a balanced flavour that enhances the goodness of the main ingredients used such as fresh eggs, chocolate drops, rice flour, cream and cocoa, in harmony with the increasingly more demanding tastes of today’s consumers.


Giostre, delicious shortbread biscuits made with eggs, will spin around the table every morning, perfect enjoyed by themselves or served with fresh milk.

Every morning deserves a boost with Virgole biscuits with chocolate drops, delicious shortbread biscuits with a dark chocolate twist to satisfy more demanding palates.

Molette are light as a cloud and offer a traditional way to start the day with the delicious taste of cream. They are perfect for dunking in milk and are made using traditional ingredients.

Trottole, named after spinning tops, are made with wholesome rice flour and are ready to race and spin around the table every morning. They are flavoursome and have a rough and crunchy texture, just like homemade biscuits.

Balletti are fragrant shortbread biscuits dancing in an embrace of cocoa and cream.These light and delicious shortbread biscuits are fantastic eaten as they are or dunked in your morning milk.

Nutrition and diet

All of our biscuits comply with the latest trend for strict control of the ingredients, are free from hydrogenated fats and preservatives and are designed to provide a carefully calculated nutritional intake, offering the right amount of calories.

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Our mission

Granoro’s Cestino delle Delizie range promises quality and commitment, with biscuits of unparalleled taste. Selected with passion and experience, they are prepared using ingredients grown and selected with respect for nature with one main goal in mind: to offer the very best for a delicious start to the day, for us and our children.

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Raw materials

Simplicity, authenticity and a passion for things well done can be tasted in every one of our products thanks to the careful selection and control of the raw materials used, from the ground to the table. All of the ingredients are produced with respect for nature and are free from GMOs.

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High quality production chain

Our search for quality drives us every day to ensure that our products always offer the best mix of flavour, authenticity and food safety, whilst maintaining high levels of goodness and excellence.  Constant controls and the careful selection of ingredients ensure our products reach your table every day as fragrant and delicious as ever. 

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